Top Ejuice

So you have just entered the vaping community and do not have much expertise when it comes to selecting the Top Ejuice out of hundreds of flavours available. Well, it is not as difficult as you think but definitely not as easy as well because unlike the times when Vaping was in its nascent stage and there were hardly 15-20 types of ejuices, nowadays it is a Hercules task to select from so many flavours and brands. By the time you get used to one flavour, something new comes in the market.

Further, concoction has taken market by storm with different flavours available and moreover flavours are so exotic that you just cannot resist. So here we are determined to make things easy for you and make the selection look simpler. There are few steps that you need to follow in order to get your hands on the best eliquid. So without further delay, let us start with clever tips that will lessen your toiling when it comes to the selection of Top Ejuice.

Ingredients – To identify the eliquid that is best for you, most basic thing that you need to know is the ingredients that go in the eliquid. Usually, base of the eliuid is same across the globe and it is the quality that matters. For instance, if you are using the normal water rather than filtered or distilled water, there are chances that flavour of the juice varies from brand to brand. Therefore it is very important to understand such things in order to select an ejuice of your choice.

Best one to start with – There are various flavours available for eJuice and it largely depends on the tastes and preferences of the person. You will be surprised to know that there are flavours such as strawberry, mint, cola and so on. Also, those who want a stronger flavour such as tobacco will not be disappointed because there are flavours which will satisfy the nicotine dose of the customers. For chocolate lovers there is chocolate flavorured Top Ejuice. However, if you are just starting them make sure that the flavour is simple and not the concoction. TO start with, you can go for mint flavour or lemon flavour which will help you to get through with the experience first. Also, the size of the bottles should be the smallest ones. We are suggesting this because there are flavours which sound good but at the first stance do not taste great. You need to get accustomed to these flavours and then only get the larger bottles.

Secondly, strength of the liquid is also important while selecting the ejuice. When starting, settle down with the flavours which are not very strong on the nicotine part. Nicotine in high strength juice will be somewhere in the range of 6-1 mg and those with high level of nicotine will be in the range of 6-11 mg. If nicotine is not something that you are looking for then there are Top Ejuice brands who sell juices with zero level of nicotine.

Safety – Most of the manufacturers make sure that the ejuice us made with the safe process. They use the ingredients which are approved and authorised by the concerned authorities. For instance, almost all the reputed manufacturers use the authorised PG or VG bases which are used in various other edible foods. Although there has not been any research that clearly concluded about the health benefits of vaping over smoking, but then we believe that those who are looking to cut on their nicotine level in a day can go for the ejuices which have nominal amount of nicotine. Further vaping is also not known to produce other harmful chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide which is the case with cigarette.

 Now we would like to suggest you few tips which will ensure that the way in which you are using the Top Ejuice is the right way. Let us look into each such tip one by one. Before using the ejuice we would suggest you to shake the bottle well and same will be found on the bottles.

Base of all the ejuices is water, nicotine and flavouring substance. Both PG and VG have their own benefits and shortcomings. However, PG is widely used in the base compared to the VG. However, if you are allergic to any one base mentioned here then make sure that you use the other one. There are ejuices which will also have the fine blend of VG and PG and this makes the perfect smoke.

If you are using the dark colour eliquid then reduce the time between cleaning your atomiser as dark colour ejuices clog or stain the machine more often.  You can go for the stronger flavours like mint, spices like cinnamon but the flavour will cling on in the atmosphere for a while and therefore it is important to let the air pass by.