Vaping has been emerging as a new trend especially after people are increasingly realizing the ill effects of tobacco and herbs. There are various ways in which vaping is better than smoking and e-cigarettes are reaching new heights with people recognizing the hit that they get after vaping. Usually, you need electronic vaporizer in order to vape the Top Ejuice. You can select from so many fruity and flowery flavors. The sweet flavor of the ejuices is something that is not irritating as the smell of traditional smoke is. There are different types of vaporizers available in the market and you can select from the wide range available.a526d737-703a-4503-9a21-286204fd438e_large

However, one of the major confusions which arise is the difference between oil and e-liquid vaporizers. Let us first start with the e-liquid and understand what it means. E-liquid is manufactured in the factories and there are basically four ingredients, PG, Vegetable glycerine, water (distilled) along with the flavor. These flavors are put in the e-vapers and thereafter you can puff. VG is made from the vegetable oils. Propylene Glycol, on the other hand, can because of allergies and irritation in the throat. When it comes to thickness, vegetable oil is thicker that Propylene Glycol and therefore makes the ejuice smooth to vape in. Further, distilled water is also an important ingredient which makes the inhaling of the juice smooth and the stronger vaporizers. Also, most of the juice flavors are made from either artificial as well as the organic food flavors.

When it comes to nicotine levels, Top Ejuice usually has the lesser level of nicotine compared to the cigarettes. However, you can purchase e-juices with different level of nicotine. A lot of people who are looking to leave the smoking can go for the vaping. Eventually, vaping helps them in leaving the smoking habit. Vaping is highly preferred in order to quit the smoking and therefore it gradually helps them in quitting the smoking habit altogether.

Although nicotine is addictive, there has not been any proof of it causing cancer. Therefore, when you are vaping then, there are no worries about any ingredient which could be cancerous.

Vape Pen which is the most popular device for vaping is usually made from the coil, a wick made from cotton and has oil chamber. To those who are not aware of what an oil vaporizer is, it is a device which is used for breathing in hashish oil. This is oil which is made from the concentrates of the medical marijuana and therefore a lot of people use marijuana under the doctor prescription due to some medical condition. Marijuana is also used to take the smoking habit out of the people.  The hashish oil which is similar to e-liquid is heated up in oil pens. These oil pans are made of steel or the metal heat plate which is heated by the coil and turns red hot and that is how oil is vaporized.

There are various risks and benefits of vaporizers but probably the biggest benefit of these vaporizers is that they help you in quitting the smoking and have the ingredients that are not proved not to cause cancer. However, there are people who get addicted to Nicotine or THC and therefore it all depends on the controlling capacity of an individual.

Type of E-cigarettes

It is not just the vaping juice that enhances the experience of vaping, a very significant role is played by the e-cigarettes as well. Imagine, you have got Top E-Juice flavor only to find that your e-cigarette is broken or the battery is drained out. What options do you have in such a situation? In case it is just the battery which is drained out, you can put it on the charging. However, if there is some technical glitch in the e-cigarette, you are left with two options:

To get it repaired at the service center

To replace it with the new e-cigarette

If you are going to get it repaired in the service center, then obviously you would be looking for the warranty. In case you have purchased a Chinese e-cigarette there is hardly any chance of you getting the warranty on the piece.

However, even if you have the warranty, it is going to take at least 3-4 days for the service center to identify what the issue is with the e-cigarette, get it repaired and give it to you. This can be quite frustrating and moreover if you are looking to ditch the smoking habit by resorting to low nicotine vaping, then this time gap could prove to be a major setback because you will have to be nicotine free for those many days which does not go well with those who are just trying to leave their smoking habits by resorting to vaping.

Therefore, it is recommended to go for the good quality e-cigarette always along with the Top E-Juice.