Steeping E-liquid flavors has become quite popular for those who look for the more concentrated taste. Not everyone is aware of how to steep the ejuice and therefore we will tell you how to do that in this article.

To make it simple, steeping is just a process in which the bottle of the eliquid is concentrated and allowed to age. Aging of the eliquid is similar to that of wine and you will be amazed to know that it is almost the same thing. The wine has the extracts of the fruits such as grapes and it is concentrated. Apart from the grape flavor, there is also the flavor of the fruit and natural alcohols along with the solvents. There are alcohols that are necessary for the fruit in order to give it the right flavor of the fruit. You will find that these alcohols are safe for vaping as well as drinking. For some of them, these flavors might not be the preferred one to drink or smoke. There is this funny taste in the alcohol flavors that are used for eliquid flavors. ejuice-corner-naked100-greenblast_largeTherefore, if you let this ejuice to age, there will be better taste as time passes and you will enjoy vaping more than ever. With the help of steeping, you can get rid of the chemical taste in the alcohol which can also improve the flavor and give you better taste. Alcohols are considered safe even after their taste but it can sometimes not be your choice and therefore the only alternative that you have is vaping. However, you might be thinking that why this flavor is not removed by the manufacturers themselves. There are various reasons why the manufacturers from not remove the flavors. It is because these solvents are necessforbringing the flavor and therefore it is not possible for the manufacturers to separate the juice and the solvent.

Flavors that you can steep

It is not easy as sounds to understand when an e-liquid flavor should be steeped and above all which flavor should be steeped. There are, however, some simple rules that will help you in determining the flavor that can be steeped. It depends on the personal opinion of the user as some of them like to vape without steeping the flavors. You should be aware of that before steeping it is important to know if the juice is premium or not premium. If it is premium, then the e-juice is probably steeped by the manufacturer himself. You will get a pre-steeped juice for somewhere around $20 USD for some 30 ml. However, there are some flavors that do not come pre-steeped but are premium and as expensive as the steeped ones. However, usually, when you are going for the premium flavor, it does not need steeping.

Secondly, it is the color that decides if the flavor needs to be steeped or not. Flavors that contain the nicotine can be identified by the color if they are steeped or not. We will not give you the pain of understanding the deep chemistry about it. Rather, the simple rule of thumb is that an ejuice that has nicotine in it will change the color somewhat brownish in color. The color will be more evident when the content of nicotine is high. You will notice that of the nicotine is less in a particular flavor then the color will be different. For instance, if you have an ejuice bottle of 6mg which does not have any color then it is probably not steeped. However, you should not be 100% confident about this trick as there are some flavors that have natural color of their own. However, it contains nicotine and not clear then E-liquid flavors are not steeped.

There are some flavors which will require more steering compared to others. There is no clear distinction on which flavor need to be steeped and the one which should not.It all simply depends on the taste buds and how concentrated flavor you want. If you do not like the taste of the flavor then it is better to concentrate and steep the juice.

Before steeping the juice, you should shake the bottle well. One of the most important factors that you should keep in the fund when deciding to steep the juice is deciding on the time. Time is a very important factor while steeping the juice and therefore you should know everything about it. After that, you can take out the cap and place it in the dark place with the temperature somewhere between 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 75-degree Fahrenheit. After 24 hours you will taste the steeped flavor which will taste as per your expectations or even better than that. After that put the cap back and then keep it for two days. You will have to repeat the step 3-4 types to steep the flavor.