E-cigarettes are one of the most popular alternatives which have emerged lately. It has become a boon for the people who are looking to quit their smoking habit and want to cut down their nicotine intake. Now, there is no proper research done on whether e-cigs are better compared to the traditional ones but if we go by the ingredients in both then it is a no-brainer that e-cigarettes, if not less harmful than the traditional cigarettes then too not more harmful. While researchers and science are still to take its take on the e-cigarettes, we have come up with our own thing and want our readers to be sure that they what are they inhaling.

Let us break up different ingredients of the Top Ejuice of the e-cigarettes and understand what how each ingredient affects our health.

Nicotine – This is one product that is used in the e-cigarette and the flavor also depends on the amount of nicotine that has been used in the ejuice. You might be aware of the ill effects of inhaling the smoke and it is one way in which we inhale the nicotine. However, it is kind of hard to access how bad nicotine for our health is. There have been various studies conducted in this regard and people have tried their best to answer the question.Top Ejuice

One disadvantage of nicotine could be that it is really addictive and that is why smokers can’t just part ways with it. Now addiction of anything is a bad thing in itself and we do not need any other disadvantage of this substance beyond that it causes addiction. But much to your surprise health researchers could not find a real connection between the nicotine and other health hazards which are good news. Around two decades back a research was done which stated that nicotine is addictive and this research was not done on the human because any direct research on the human is unethical. After trials, researchers concluded that they could not find anything in the substance which is harmful beyond it being very addictive. There can be some allergic reactions in the customers if they go for inhaling it in the pure form.

Although, it sounds very bizarre but some studies concluded that nicotine could actually be good for health. Those who inhale nicotine or chew it in some form are able to focus more in every field of their life. There are various aspects of this substance that actually help the users and therefore we cannot tell if you should consume nicotine in some amount or not. Studies said as far as nicotine preventing the consumer from Alzheimer disease and can also enhance the function of the brain for those who are suffering from dementia.

Propylene Glycol

It is a synthetic substance in the liquid form that has no taste or odor. Food and drug administration authority has approved that PG can be used as an additive and is safe to be used for preserving the food items and anything that is meant for end consumption. PG is used for in the Top Eliquid to create vapor and also it can be used by the manufacturers to capitalize on its feature of absorbing the flavors and well as coloring. You must have seen the artificial smoke created over the stage at during the shows. This smoke is created by using Propylene Glycol in the shows. PG is clear and has no color and is considered to be a safe chemical. Long back, there was the study conducted which concluded that PG can be inhaled and there is no such side=-effect. However, some may be allergic to this substance and therefore make sure that in such cases they use VG instead of PG. However, it has been found that PG helps in preventing influenza and various other respiratory issues.

Vegetable Glycerin –

Compared to PG, there is not much information on the vegetable glycerine and therefore we would recommend you to know well about your allergies and side-effect issues before option for the Top Eliquid which used VG as the base. There has been the little study on the VG and it inhalation effect on the consumers. Usually, VG is used as a replacement to PG and preferred by the juice manufacturers who want to give their consumers a little higher throat hit compared to the PG.

When you compare VG with PG, the former is known to be significantly safe than the latter. Just like PG, VG is also a clear liquid and made from the oils extracted from the plants such as coconut oil, soy and palm oil. You will find that the vegetable glycerine has been used in various types of lotions and herbal products and considered as entirely safe.

These are some basic ingredients of the Ejuice which you should know about and also their effects and side-effects.