If you are considering leaving your smoking habits and switching to e-cigarette then maybe this is the right time to do it. There are so many E-Juice flavors in the market and you can really take a break from traditional smoking which is both harmful and eventually affects your lungs. There are however so many people who continue to E-juice flavorssmoke and vape together. This should not be the case and it is the time that you should start vaping and not smoking the traditional cigarette anymore.

 There is no doubt about the fact that e-cigarettes can replace the traditional cigarette and can give you same hit in the throat as the cigarette. Here, we have come up with few benefits which according to us vaping gives you over smoking. So without any further delay let us start with understanding different benefits of vaping.

 No Distinctive Color – Smell of the cigarette is something that has not left any opportunity to embarrass you in public, with friends, at parties and almost at any public place. The unique but annoying smell of the cigarette is easy to pick by any nose. Also, even after having the mouthful of mouth fresheners, that smell hinges on you and you will be hesitant to go close to people because of that smell. And if you are a chain smoker then it is possible that the smell is pretty much with you all the time.

 Smell from cigarettes is not just the tobacco but it is also tar and other such chemicals. However, on the other hand, there is vaping machines and e-cigarettes which have the sweet smell which comes from various flavors and therefore you will not be embarrassed to vape even in public. Those who have switched from cigarette to vape said that the smell is a lot better than the smoking. You can smell candy, flower but definitely not the tobacco.

 Much Cheaper – If you have been burning your monthly salary in cigarettes then you would be able to relate to what we are going to say up next. Cigarettes have become quite expensive and you cannot do much about it. However, we cannot even blame this on cigarette manufacturers who see increasing taxes and duties on them for the reason that they are into manufacturing of something which is bad for health and therefore it is a way in which government of every state tries to discourage people from smoking.

 But do you think, these steps help someone to quit the habit of smoking? At least we have not come across anyone for whom higher price is a deterrent. Also, you are not including the cost of other things such as ashtrays and lighters. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, do not require any lighter neither they need and ashtray. You might argue that there are starter kits which are quite expensive but sighting the durability of these e-cigarettes we can safely say that eventually, it does not even cost the fraction of what cigarette does. There are cartomizers and batteries that form the major part of the e-cigarette cost. However, these are very low compared to the cigarettes and the cost related to it. As of now, there are no taxes levied on the e-cigarettes compared to cigarettes and also as the technology behind the e-cigarette advances it will become cheaper.


Cigarette is quite dangerous as the open flame is used to light it up compared to the e-cigarette which does not require any such flame to light it up. It would come as a surprise to you but cigarettes are a prime cause of fire-related deaths across the globe.

 Once you have resorted to e-cigarette then you are eliminating the risk of fire. You might be thinking that e-cigarette also has the battery which stands at the risk of exploding. However, this risk can also be eliminated once you have got your hands on the good quality e-cigarette. Make sure that you follow the instructions written on the packaging of the e-cigarette to make sure that you are using the e-cigarette the way it should be.

 Health – Although, weE-juice flavors are putting this in the later part of the article but that does not mean this point is any less important compared to the other benefits? Although, we just cannot say it with surety that e-cigarettes are any healthier than the cigarettes but we can definitely tell that the tobacco content in the e-cigarette is nil or might be too less to have any negative impact on your health. We all are aware that cigarettes increase the risk of heart attack, cancer, stroke, throat cancer, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. There have been studies done that cigarette is linked to Alzheimer’s and various other disorders.

These are some ways in which e-cigarettes are way better compared to the cigarettes