Cuttwood e-juiceIf you have decided to start with electronic cigarettes then there will be a lot of questions in your mind regarding the same. One of the major questions is on how to select the ingredients of the Cutwood E-Juice.

Terminology used in vaping community will not be understood by you at first. However, eventually you will understand what do these terms mean. However, it is important to understand the difference between the two major types of bases which are used in the vaping juices. You will find various videos online which will show you how the juices with different bases are made. Usually, all ejuices will contain four ingredients – PG or VG base, nicotine, food grade flavoring and water. It is the base due to which smoke level and also cloud. The two type of glycol namely propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are organic compounds which are non-toxic in nature. FDA considers that both these bases used in the vaping juices are safe. These bases are used in other types of foods as well as personal care stuff and are considered safe. However, there are different brands of additives and when you are buying the ejuice, try to find out whether the base used is approved and meet the standards of the global authority.

PG based liquid is the more popular of the two and therefore we will discuss about it first.

Consistency- PG or propylene glycol is runny and therefore it is thinner compared to theCuttwood e-juice VG base. This characteristic allows it to get absorbed in the polyfill as well as cotton fabric which is placed within the cartomizers and wick tanks.

Low on Gunk – Juices that have low density means that there is less amount of gunk which has been building on the heating element of the vaporizer that you are using.

Keeps the flavor intact – One of the best characteristics of PG based liquid is that it does not change the flavor of the final product. It means that you will be enjoying the flavor which you have ordered for without observing any type of variation in the flavor.

Hit- This who are looking for stronger hit in the threat can go for PG based Cutwood e-juice. It consists of the humectants that will create dryness in the mouth as well as the throat on regular use. It will give you the same feeling as you get in tobacco cigarettes.

Risk of Allergy – One disadvantage of the PG base is that it can cause various allergic reactions. Before taking it, we advise you to check the ingredient and find out if you are prone to some allergy. Various reactions such as tingling, irritation and various other minor symptoms can emerge. In case you feel anything wrong after taking the puff, it is better to stop inhaling it and go for the juices with vegetable glycerin base.

Now let us talk about other base which is Vegetable glycerin and estimate it in comparison to the VG liquid.

Thicker than PG – Compared to the PG, Vegetable glycerin is thick. On the other hand it also have a lower rate of absorption for wicks as well as cartomizers.

Gunky – Not only thicker but Vegetable glycerin also consists of more gunks. This means that you will be required to clean it more than PG.

Sweet – You do not require any artificial sweetener which also makes the e-liquid sweet. This sweet flavor can even be detected in the Cutwood e-juice which is made keeping sweet as the base.

Allergy – we have seen that PG is recognized to be the one which leaves the mouth dry and there are users which have observed building of phlegm in the throat after they use VG based ejuices. However, when you compare both of them, VG causes less energy against PG.

Throat Hit – If you want fewer throats hit, then go for VG instead of PG as the former not even dries your mouth as much as PG does.

ejuice-corner-15ml-cuttwood-unicornmilk_largeVapor – If you want more vapor from the vaping juice that you are using then VG liquids are better than the PG based liquids. On allergic front also, VG causes less allergies than the PG and therefore preferred by those who want their liquid to satisfy both the conditions.

Tips on Choosing between PG and VG

It all depends on what you are looking for when choosing between PG and VG based cutwood E juice. There are liquids which have the 100% base of PG and then there are liquids which have base of VG in fullest. If you want more vapor then your obvious choice will be Vegetable based Glycerin and in case you are looking for throat hit, PG will suffice your need. Whichever base you choose, make sure that, it is not allergic and 100% safe.