There are various goof things about the vaping community such as you can have the sweet flavor without even having the calories. What is wonderful about vaping community is that you get like- minded people and also interact with each other. This is just one of many wonderful things that vaping gives you. Varieties of Ejuice available in the market cater to the needs of everyone and are liked equally by the men and women. However, there are few things that you should not do while vaping.Ejuice

Dry Hits – For those who are new to the community, never go for dry hits as it is one of the most annoying things. You are lucky if you are reading this before trying the dry hit. It hits straight away your lungs which are not at all good for the organ. Before vaping, the wick should be saturated and coil should be primed. There should be enough Ejuice in the wick before taking the puff. While replacing the coil, it should be dipped in the juice and thereafter the tank should be reassembled. Before you go for vaping, make sure that the device is ready and the coil is fully saturated with the e-juice. This way you can enjoy the vaping in the best way and ensure that it is not the dry hit.

Battery –

Low on the battery is nothing new if you are a regular vaper. It does not matter whether you use the high-end vaping device or the normal one. Running out of battery is something that will affect your vaping routine. If you do not want any disturbance in vaping then make sure that the battery is charged always. It is equally important in case you are going for a long trip. You should charge the batteries fully when setting out for the tour. Also, a mini USB is worth having in the bag pack as it can work with any USB port. There are various types of chargers available for charging the battery in case you have access to the electricity. However, it would be cruel to ask you not to vape at the places where there is no electricity for the fear of battery running out. USB chargers are the best to solve your problem and are handy as well. Also, there should be your favorite Ejuice in abundance which will ensure that you never run out of your favorite puff.


While most of the people in vaping community love flavor ghosting, it is better to know which two flavors will mix well together otherwise it could be a disaster. The experts at flavor ghosting will know exactly which flavor taste best together. However, you should make sure that the tank is cleaned properly after making the combination of flavors. If you are not paying much attention in cleaning the tank after ghosting then there will be the possibility that it will linger in all other puffs thereafter. In case you are going with the RDA then there is less need of cleaning as the juice present in the cotton will be vaporized. However, to get the best experience, it is always suggested that you change the cotton if possible. This will ensure that the vape that you are taking from the next time will not include the flavor of something else. Often, you do not wash the tank properly and therefore a sweet flavor is mixed with the cool one spoiling your experience. Therefore, it is best not ghosting the flavor and even if you do then washing the tank.

Dirty Coils – This you can say is the continuation of the previous point where you are ghosting the flavors. Experts say that due to ghosting, the tank gets stained and therefore it is important to clean it properly. However, there are certain flavors which will block the coil more than the other flavors and it is very hard to get rid of it. Usually, if you are using a moderate flavor then go for replacing the coil with the new one once in 1.5-2 weeks. However, if you find that even after cleaning the coils properly the taste is somewhat corrupt, it is better to change the coil. In most of the cases, even though there is no flavor of the other Ejuice, the taste will not be good. TheEjuicerefore, you should understand that it is high time to change the coil.

Dripping while driving –

We strictly tell you not to vape when you are driving because it is the time when you need to focus on the road rather than vaping. Some will argue that there is no fun in going on a long trip when you cannot vape. For such trips, we advise you to buy a tank and there are various other options that would be more feasible.