Vaping has become very popular of late as people who want to quit smoking are taking this root. Not just the quitters but also the fresh smokers who do not want to take the risk of life by smoking tobacco and excess nicotine are going for vaping. They prefer vaping over smoking because the former is least harmful compared to the cigarette. However, there are some reservations with the people who want to vape but hold themselves back as they are afraid that vaping has its own risks and health hazards. Today, we E-juice flavorsdecided to raise the curtain from various misconceptions when it comes to vaping and the ingredients that are being used in the Ejuice flavors. Let us start with the history of vapes.

It was Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik who started thinking about the modern e-cigarettes. He wanted to innovate something that has the least harmful effect on the health and also helps people to quit smoking. Lik was a chain smoker and wanted to quit this habit desperately. Reasons, why Lik was so desperate to make a healthier alternative for the cigarette because he already lost his father to lung cancer. Back in 2007, a new device took the market by storm and became popular in no time. In the year 2014, e-cigarettes sales constituted to 2.5 billion dollars. Till now the market of e-cigarettes is growing and becoming very popular. E- Cigarettes are one of the most popular and simplest devices that do not release the smoke. Instead, it used the heating element or say atomizer that transforms the liquid into the vapor inhaled by the user. This special liquid is also called e-liquid as it is used in the e-cigarettes. There have been various researches done on the health benefits or hazards of vaping and e-liquid. However, only recently there has been a report from a known authority stating that e-cigarettes 95% when compared to the traditional cigarette. It can be considered as a healthy alternative to quitting smoking.


E-liquid is a very simple make of the ingredients which is made of four ingredients- nicotine, water, flavoring and propylene glycol. However, all e-liquids do not use Propylene glycol and some of them also have vegetable glycerine as an important ingredient. Then, there are juices which use PG as well as VG. The one you chose depends on the type of flavor that you are selecting and want to inhale. Every ingredient used in the e-juice flavors are widely used in various other processes. Now, we will try to know about various ingredients used in order to become more aware and next time when someone asks us about the hazards of vaping then we have the accurate answer to it without getting lost ourselves. There are various types of flavors but all these flavors have same ingredients and therefore only the base is same.


We all know that inhaling smoke is not good for us because it is the only way in which the users inhale nicotine. Therefore, it is not easy to find out how harmful the nicotine is and that is why there have been various studies conducted on finding out the health hazards of nicotine. Nicotine is dangerous for health because you get addicted to it and it is the evil because of which the smokers just can’t give up smoking. However, over the years there has been various researches done on the health hazards but the researchers found it difficult to conclude that nicotine is as harmful as it is projected. There was a research done back in the 90s which concluded that nicotine is addictive but it is not as harmful as projected. Researchers did nothing but concluded that the study does not indicate any harmful effect of the substance when inhaled in its purest form. Of course, the research was done on the rats as nicotine is known for its addictive nature and therefore it would be unethical to test on humans. Some of the researchers feel that it is the time that clear information is given about the nicotine. Nicotine is also used in the e-cigarette and tE-juice flavorsherefore it is important to understand that something that we are hailing as an alternative to the cigarettes is free of the risks that the cigarettes possess.

Although, we do not say on the basis of any research performed by us but there have been researches done which conclude that nicotine could have some health benefits? Those who chew or smoke are found to have greater concentration compared to those who do not. Nicotine is said to be helpful in preventing the Alzheimer’s disease. It can further improve the function for those who are going through dementia.

There are various types of flavors that you can try and quit smoking, taking up Vaping.