There was a time when buying e-cigarettes were possible only online. However, with the market expanding for the e-cigs and vaping community growing, physical stores also started selling these vaping sticks and carries all the basic products such as Eliquid to cater to the needs of the customEliquiders. There is the string of options nowadays and you will also find the retail shops which have dedicated counter for selling the vaporizers and vaping gear.

Buying vaping products both online and offline and you can buy from either one of them according to your convenience. Over the years we have heard that how buying products online are better than buying from the physical store. However, buying the juice from specialty stores is also becoming popular for the following reasons. We understood that it all depends on finding the right store. Here, we will tell you how to find the right physical store.

There is no shortcut and you will have to visit different stores to find out which one is the best. Further, you need to ask questions which will enable you to make the comparison. Ask about your favorite juice in each of the stores and find out if you can taste it. The shops that offer sample for testing should be preferred to those who do not offer such facility. You might be just lucky if there are various such stores in your city which sell the juices. It is important that you know the staff and understands different types of juices that they keep and do these Eliquid meet the basic requirements.

Often, we hear that you should prefer the store which is friendly and courteous. However, it plays a very little part in identifying the right store where you can get all the flavors. However, you should always try to identify if the guys in the store who are talking about the particular product also have in-depth knowledge of it or are they just doing lip service and speaking what they have by-hearted. In case you find a store, where the salesperson is aware of everything that you have asked then, Congratulations! you have found the right store. Here, we will tell you about the pros and cons of the physical store.

Testing – When you visit a store, there will be samples offered and you can test it. This way you will be sure that the Eliquid that you are taking is the best for you. Testing will give you in-depth knowledge of the juices and the best one for you.

Free Samples – You will find this in very high-end shops. Often when you buy a juice at these high-end shops, they will also give you free samples of the e-juices that you can test. Usually, the sample offered by these storekeepers will be of different flavors and therefore you get to know about different tastes.

Experienced Staff – You go to but your usual flavor and come out with your new favorite. It happens because the staff present at the store experienced and depending on your tastes and preferences, he can suggest you an altogether new flavor which will become your favorite in no time.

On-Site Support – Often you get confused while searching for the juices online because there is no supporting staff. On the contrary when you prefer to go to the physical store, then there will be a supporting staff which will let you understand about each flavor and also the new flavors.

However, there are also various cons when you buy the Eliquid from physical stores. Let us talk about some of them.

No wide range- Often stores have a limited space and they do not have the enough places to keep all the flavors. With online stores that are not the case because they just need to showcase the flavors that they can deliver at your door step. Therefore, you will be able to select from the wide range of flavors available.

The opinion could be biased – A store that offers e-juices will haveEliquid different wholesalers from where they buy the juices. However, the staff could be biased towards the wholesaler who offers more margins to the retailer and therefore tries customers to buy the product of that wholesaler.

Costs – Often, physical stores will have to keep higher prices because they have to cover the storage cost as well as other expenses such as electricity, rent of the space which they are paying and so on. This is not the case when you are buying something online and you can always get the same brand at some discounted rate.

There are various occasions when you should buy the juice online. In case you are aware of precisely what do you want, go for shopping online. Also, if you do not have enough cash with you it is best to shop online.