Top Ejuice

There are various types and flavors of ejuice and before zeroing in on one juice you should be aware of Top Ejuice. If you are a beginner then the varieties will confuse you at first and therefore, we should be aware of the ones that are popular and have best flavors.

Cotton Candy Flavor –There are various types of ejuice but the Top Ejuice is something different. Cotton candy flavor is one of the most popular flavors that you will get. Some will dismiss it saying that it is way too childish flavor but it is not written anywhere that adults go for only the dark and intense flavors. You will find that flavors such as cotton candy are something that will lift your mood immediately and make you feel light and happy. Often, we do not need a very intense flavor, rather something soothing and smooth reigns our mind. At that time cotton candy flavor will be your perfect choice. Lately the flavor has become quite popular for its light feel and addictive flavor.

Banana Flavor –Well when you got searching for banana flavor, there will be various types of mixed flavors and therefore you will have to select between the one that you want. Often, you will find that the main flavor is banana but there is light flavor of something else. Sometimes it will be nuts and other times it will be the flavor of tobacco. It depends on you whether you go for the soft fruity flavor or the intense tobacco flavors. However, there is no denial from the fact that banana has become one of the most popular and Top ejuice flavors. If you want pure banana flavor, there is no dearth of such juices for your vape.

Green Tea – Although, it sounds a little weird because often we associate green tea with health benefits. Although, vaper is not as harmful as cigarettes, there are few side-effects and obviously cannot be compared with the benefits of green tea. However, for green tea lovers who have also found a better alternative of cigarette in the Vapers, green tea flavor is one of the most sought after flavor. There are a lot of brands that offer the best green tea flavored e-juices. If you are looking to buy the flavor then go for the good brands that offer authentic flavor rather than just going for a mild one. Lately, there has been a little twist brought by some of the brands when they add a tinge of peach in the green tea flavor. This new twist has been given by some of the manufacturers when it comes to green tea flavor and no doubt it is in huge demand.

Berry Flavor – Who does not like the fresh flavor and feel of the berries. The juicy flavor and intoxicating fragrance of berries is too hard to resist. If you have always belittled the berries saying that its candish flavor will be preferred more by the ladies then it’s time that you try the berry crush flavors offered by various brands. In order to make sure that the sweet taste of berries does not override, some brands add a little bit of tangy flavor by adding a dash of pineapple. We have seen this flavor getting popular with time and more people loving Berry flavor eliquids for their vapers.

Watermelon Flavor – That cool and sweet flavor comes to your mind when you imagine watermelon. Yes, it is the same flavor that manufacturers have gotten for you when it comes flavor of vapor. One of the best properties of this flavor is that it is easily distinguishable and you will get to know it in one go that it is nothing but the cool and smooth watermelon flavor.

Menthol –How can we dismiss Menthol from the discussion when the conversation is about Top eJuice Flavors. Of course, when it comes to freshness, there is nothing like menthol and therefore it has always been one of the most popular choice when it comes to selecting e-juice flavor for regular vaping. The best thing about menthol is that it will never make you feel monotonous and bored. This is the reason why it continues to top the chart when it comes to selecting the best flavors for vaping.

Then you have lime flavor which again just like menthol give that fresh and juicy flavor. Also when it comes to trending flavor there is nothing like lime. You can never go wrong with this flavor and almost all the brands manufacture it. If you are not able to make up your mind on any flavor then lime is the safest choice.

This is our list of the best flavors that you can try and feel good about it. Make sure you are buying the best quality of the flavor.